Can I use TempData with Response.Redirect?

Can I use TempData with Response.Redirect?

I am working with MVC 2 framework, for multiple sites. We have a base site and then sub sites that inherit from a "Core" site that contains 90% of the functionality that the sub sites will use.

In one of the controllers, I am saving some data, adding a UI message to the tempData and then using Response.Redirect.

The redirect works, but the tempdata is empty after the redirect.

I have tried returning "RedirectToAction" and "RedirectToRoute" with the same routing location and while it populates the TempData, the redirect doesn't happen lol..

So I guess in short, is there a way to get tempdata working when using a standard Response.Redirect?

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if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(TempData["Foo"].AsString()) { foo =  TempData["Foo"].AsString(); } 
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var bar = TempData["Foo"].AsString(); if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(bar)) { foo = bar; } 
...still works..

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