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Hi ive got an mvc form with a fileupload functionality. Ive got an action that accepts an file and extracts thumbnails from it, after which the user can select the images and then proceed to submit the form. How can post the initial file via ajax, bearing in mind, this is not the final submission on the form and I want to retain user input. ie no postback Thanks mvc rhino mocks mocking httprequest values


are there any good open source WIKIs based on mvc? [closed]
I use the ajaxupload plugin for jQuery. Multiple file upload association in MVC Lots of sample code is provided on the site. MVC partial View jQuery datepicker removing previous date pickersFrom the site:. Update dropdown values
[The] plugin creates invisible file input on top of the although ton you provide, so when user clicks on your although ton the normal file selection window is shown. Good/Simple shopping cart example using mvc and jqueryAnd after user selects a file, plugin submits form this contains file input to an iframe. How can we pass class instances to view?So it isn’t true ajax upload, although brings same user experience.. How can I hide ActionLinks based on user roles?


Browsers don't allow the uploading of files via ajax. There are several good workarounds, however..

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