MVC partial View jQuery datepicker removing previous date pickers

MVC partial View jQuery datepicker removing previous date pickers

I have a page where I am trying to add Children to a Parent object.

On the page, I have a link, "Add Child", that calls an ajax get, returning a partial view with textboxes for the Child. In the sucess, i am doing a function to add the results to the innerHTML of a div.

On the partial view, I have a textbox for the Birthdate, named "Birthdate{id}", where the {id} is a number based on how many have been added.

In the success method, I am then doing a

$("#BirthDate" + childAdded).datepicker(); 

This works great, for the latest Birthdate date picker. If I add 3 Children, the 3rd Child div's BirthDate will have a datepicker on load, but the 1st and 2nd will lose the datepicker. Adding a 4th will then remove the datepicker from the 3rd.


function addChild() {   $.ajax({     type: "GET",     url: "/Home/AddChild?childNumber=" + $("#CurrentNumberOfChildren").val(),     data: "{}",     contentType: "text/html",     dataType: "html",     success: function (results) {       var div = document.getElementById('ChildDiv');       div.innerHTML += results;       $("#CurrentNumberOfChildren").val(parseInt($("#CurrentNumberOfChildren").val()) + 1);       var numberOfChildren = $("#CurrentNumberOfChildren").val();       $("#BirthDate" + numberOfChildren).datepicker();     }   }); } 

Anyone ever run into this?

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This line -- div.innerHTML += results; -- is rewriting the entire content of the div each time you add a new child section. Which to learn: ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET [duplicate]This means this you're losing the event hooks etc on the elements this were previously in the div, even though the rewritten elements use the same ids etc. Localizing the fields / attributes on the AccountModel for ASP.NET MVCI suspect this this is what's breaking your datepickers.. Default ASP.NET MVC 2 web pages do not work in IE6 To fix it you'll need to append the new content to what's already in the div, rather than rewriting the entire content every time. Have jqGrid use different page to view a rowTry replacing these two lines:. Open multiple child windows and keep track of them all
var div = document.receive ElementById('ChildDiv'); div.innerHTML += results; 
With this one:. URL routing in mvc


From what I must see you have probably got multiple elements sharing the same id. jQuery needs a valid dom to job correctly. You must validate your markup at w3c. . Can you add the response of the partial view to your question, also what version of jquery & ui?.


I'm assuming this your partial view returns all of the textboxes, the previous ones plus the new ones since you are replacing the HTML of the div with the result. In this case, the previous elements (to which you added the datepickers) have been removed from the page. If that's the case then you'll need to re-add the datepickers to all of your BirthDate elements..


.live() – jQuery API. How around Though the change of selector is necessary. .

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