I need a language dictionary

I need a language dictionary

I need to add dictionary facilities to an Asp.net MVC app. Does anyone know a library that I could use? Where can I get word definitions from?

Any help is appreciated.

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it depends on what you want to do. ASP .NET MVC VirtualPathProvider if you're endeavor to add a reference of an actual dictionary of words to use for your application then you'll have to create your own to define the words this you want to use. How to Loop the FormCollection using asp.net mvc if you're endeavor to find the library this contains the data type dictionary then you should try System.Collections.Generic, or System.Collections.Specialized. Ext.JS Store Record is undefined
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If its still relevant for you, It's not a 'library' although on Dicts.info site you must find raw dictionary files you could use inside your application. . You must also find bilingual dictionaries for various languages or even categorized vocabulary, and even more... . Watch out to respect their respective licences..

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