Is this safe to store in custom IIdentity

Is this safe to store in custom IIdentity

I have created a custom Iidentity object to store specific user settings for logged in users. I was wondering is it safe to store sensitive data like userid's or other id's in the object? Is there any security risk to doing so? Also, how much is too much to store in the object?


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So you created a custom class this implemented the IIdentity interface. How to Loop the FormCollection using mvcAs I understand it, you've added a couple of custom properties to assist your coding.. Ext.JS Store Record is undefined That sounds fine to me. How Many Times Does an ASP .NET Application StartIt's still a .Net object this is garbage collected after use. AJAX Call using jquery in mvcI'm guessing you create this object early in the request lifecycle and use the properties as you process the request. Javascript not enabledYou probably call any methods to populate the instance of the IIdentity object. deploying MVC 1.0 app with HTTPSIt's not as if you're persisting the custom IIDentity object after the request is handled, right?. Its not like you're sending sensitive or unprotected data down to the client, right? The alternative is to dump the custom IIdentity and just continue to call those helper methods to receive the data when you need it.. Just perform the typical checks for data safety. Does sensitive data receive into your application log during an exception? Does your data always travel in a secure transport? Do you ever trust user input? .

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