Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_multisite()?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_multisite()?

Recently i updated wordpress 3.0 automatically. Before update, everything working fine. After the update, page is displayed with error message

Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_multisite() in /home1/servername/public_html/myfolder/mysite/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 505

I then overwritten all the files with new version files from FTP. But still I am having the same problem. Can anyone help me to solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

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FTP the file wp-includes/load.php and wp-settings.php and check that;. Is there a way to redirect users who are not administrator from WordPress wp-admin?
  1. wp-includes/load.php line 578 is function is_multisite()
  2. wp-settings.php line line 19 is require( ABSPATH . Custom image upload field in WordPressWPINC . very odd 404 on wp-admin directory'/load.php' );
If that's all ok, disable any troublemaking plugins by deleting them or temporarily renaming them in your plugins folder.. Data Export
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Or if you are using SVN, delete the wp-includes folder and the wp-settings.php file and did and 'svn up'.

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