How to add pagination in WordPress?

How to add pagination in WordPress?

How can I enable WordPress pagination on my home page? I have limited the number of posts shown in the page. Do I need to put any code to show the pagination?

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try using any thing similar to:. Wordpress working locally then uploading
<div class="navigation">   <div class="alignleft"><? next_posts_link('&laquo; Previous') ?>   </div>   <div class="alignright"><? previous_posts_link('Next') ?>   </div> </div> 
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Frabiacca has it right. Wordpress post query not adding <!--more-->. Can I assign any post into specific pages?
<?php next_posts_link($label , $max_pages); ?> <?php prev_posts_link($label , $max_pages); ?> 
Also remember this previous is actually WP speak for newer posts not older posts. must be a little confusing..

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